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The Magic of the Different

One of the reasons I love travel is because you see things you don’t with places that are familiar. All the senses are engaged bringing you alive. You are fully present, in the moment, totally here. It’s wonderful. We’ve been … Continue reading

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Belonging to a Landscape

Can you belong to a landscape as opposed to belonging in a landscape? It’s a silly question really. But here we are in Orvieto on cloudy days looking at the Umbrian “green heart of Italy” which is stunning. You can … Continue reading

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Uncovering Your Soul

We’ve just finished our last art/culture trip. We’ve sold the business after 15 years. The last 13 of the 15 we married a variety of art courses to the inspiration of Italian life. It has been transformative. When we began … Continue reading

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Sparkling Spring Days

The last few days have been exceptionally clear and bright with the bluest of blue skies. Magnificent. So lucky to have been here the past few days.

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Orvieto’s Cathedral – aka Duomo

This is such a beautiful building. Every trip I take pictures because it so inspires. There​ are endless angles from the outside that are interesting because of the detail and stripes. The organ is a restored Baroque era wonder. When … Continue reading

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Beautiful Oldies

I am such a fan of old cars and the Fiat 500 is just so cute. Talked to the owner of this one which was built in 1967!  It’s always fun to see an older couple piled into one of … Continue reading

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Country Farm Life

Our friend Simona Fabrizio has a country home where she does her incredible cooking classes. It sits just below the old town of Allerona from which you hear the church bells all day. We went out to give her a hand planting … Continue reading

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Orvieto scenes

Back in Orvieto with our spring groups with Adventures in Italy. Some scenes from around town the first few days before the first group arrives. This is our last year leading trips to Italy, but we will continue to travel … Continue reading

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