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I am called to silence. And to an inner peace that silence seems to imbue. It is visceral. It is powerful. I am reading Donna Farhi’s “Bringing Yoga to Life“. I love how she demystifies much of yoga, making it … Continue reading

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Travelling Home to Myself

We’ve just returned from 7 weeks of travel in Europe. I am glad to be home despite how wonderful the trip was. As always, travel provides great benefit because it takes you away from the norm, challenges your beliefs and … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Me

I have been coming to grips with the Divine at my core for some time now. For twenty years at least I’ve been aware of an inner river that surfaced periodically to guide me. Only recently have I come to … Continue reading

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Uncovering Your Soul

We’ve just finished our last art/culture trip. We’ve sold the business after 15 years. The last 13 of the 15 we married a variety of art courses to the inspiration of Italian life. It has been transformative. When we began … Continue reading

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Meditating – A Huge, Rowdy, Chaotic Bazaar

I think a major challenge for anyone starting to meditate is that it is not what you expect. This from Looking At Mindfulness: “We expected – or hoped – to find calm and emptiness. We often find ourselves in a … Continue reading

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Retiring into Deeply Living

We have recently announced that we are selling our business leading trips to Italy. This has been brewing for several years as the call for something different began to become more insistent for both of us. While we both have … Continue reading

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Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience

Kristi’s dad passed away a couple of hours ago. It has been over a month in coming. First an unexpected turn, then a troubling evolution, to a definite possibility, to an inevitability. So, we have been prepared. Early this morning … Continue reading

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