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The Power of Story, and Returning Home

Story Recently I was trying, inadequately, to explain to my wife and daughter the power of a good story to make a point or convey an idea, or change a perspective or even change a person – so much more … Continue reading

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Being Revealed is a wonderful source of thoughtful material. Recently it quoted Kahlil Gibran on what inspires creativity in people. The thing that struck me from a quote of his was our innate desire to belong. Here is what Gibran wrote: … Continue reading

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On Spirit, Humanness, Death

Though Perry had been declining for weeks, and we knew he would soon die, when he did it left an emptiness. A softness. A sadness. A tenderness. Too, his death was an awakening making me look at this gorgeous world … Continue reading

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Becoming Who We Are

I’ve just started what looks to be an interesting, nurturing, soulful book, Sailing Home: Using the Wisdom of Homer’s Odyssey to Navigate Life’s Perils and Pitfalls written by Norman Fischer. Toward the end of the introduction he has this to … Continue reading

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