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The Body-Mind Connection

Surprisingly, mindfulness and meditation are very much about the body. As usual I wasn’t making the connection until it was pointed out to be in Looking at Mindfulness. As I read the chapter “Inhabit Your Body” I realized how connected … Continue reading

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The Joy of Not Knowing

I have always found it difficult to admit I don’t know something. To be sure, this is partly a human condition, but it has been strong in me. For some reason I’ve felt it is really important to have the … Continue reading

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Retiring into Deeply Living

We have recently announced that we are selling our business leading trips to Italy. This has been brewing for several years as the call for something different began to become more insistent for both of us. While we both have … Continue reading

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The Power of Story, and Returning Home

Story Recently I was trying, inadequately, to explain to my wife and daughter the power of a good story to make a point or convey an idea, or change a perspective or even change a person – so much more … Continue reading

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Being Revealed is a wonderful source of thoughtful material. Recently it quoted Kahlil Gibran on what inspires creativity in people. The thing that struck me from a quote of his was our innate desire to belong. Here is what Gibran wrote: … Continue reading

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On Spirit, Humanness, Death

Though Perry had been declining for weeks, and we knew he would soon die, when he did it left an emptiness. A softness. A sadness. A tenderness. Too, his death was an awakening making me look at this gorgeous world … Continue reading

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Becoming Who We Are

I’ve just started what looks to be an interesting, nurturing, soulful book, Sailing Home: Using the Wisdom of Homer’s Odyssey to Navigate Life’s Perils and Pitfalls written by Norman Fischer. Toward the end of the introduction he has this to … Continue reading

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