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Coming Home to Myself

I had an extraordinarily beautiful experience this morning. I woke feeling sensation in my heart/sternum down to my stomach. I’ve had this before and have come to realize that I do experience things by feeling them in my body – … Continue reading

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Not Becoming, but Exposing

It has been a long, slow , contemplative read of Donna Farhi’s “Bringing Yoga to Life” and I’m not done with it yet. It has been absolutely delightful. Today I was reading through some of the notes I have taken … Continue reading

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I am called to silence. And to an inner peace that silence seems to imbue. It is visceral. It is powerful. I am reading Donna Farhi’s “Bringing Yoga to Life“. I love how she demystifies much of yoga, making it … Continue reading

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Schooled by my Kids

Kristi and I have been traveling internationally for 25 years. We have always been adept at finding our way around, locating nontouristy (our preference) businesses, restaurants, neighborhoods, and places to stay. Scoping it all out is fun and we’re good at … Continue reading

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Travelling Home to Myself

We’ve just returned from 7 weeks of travel in Europe. I am glad to be home despite how wonderful the trip was. As always, travel provides great benefit because it takes you away from the norm, challenges your beliefs and … Continue reading

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Siracusa Cathedral

The cathedral of Siracusa is beautiful. It is ornate and simple all at once: a combination of Baroque on the outside with simple Greek doric columns embeded in the walls and visible from both inside and out. The Greek temple … Continue reading

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Being Disconnected

I’ve been completely without phone or Internet for 24 hours. That’s not entirely true as I’ve used Kristi’s tablet to do what had to be done via email. But my phone just stopped working and my tablet, for the second … Continue reading

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Marsala Archeological Museum

This museum is a gem and probably the best thing we saw in Marsala. It has two parts: an outdoor archeology site with ruins and some wonderful mosaics from a Roman villa circa 300 A.D., and an inside museum housed … Continue reading

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Segesta, Sicily

The ancient site of Segesta struck me as much, if not more, than Cappella Palantina. It is completely different. An open air temple of a vastly older time without its roof, open to the elements. It is stunning and accompanied … Continue reading

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Cappella Palatina

Pictures can’t capture the incredible beauty and intricateness of this chapel. There is also no way to use words that are adequate. The chapel is Norman, ordered by Norman king Roger II, a mix of cultures and religions: Byzantine, Islamic … Continue reading

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