Life is a process of being and becoming. We move from one to the other, sometimes occupying both. Our early years focus more on becoming who we are, who we have the potential to be, developing our skills and abilities.

I had the great good fortune in my high school and college years to work at a wilderness canoe trip camp. I spent 7 weeks each summer in the Maine wilderness with a small group. There was a lot of becoming taking place. But there was ample time for reflection, undistracted by anything other than group dynamics and nature. It is here that I first consciously connected with my being, recognizing it as a vital piece of my life.

Most of us begin to feel the rise of the need for being later in life. For me, though always present, and never far below the surface, the need and urge to listen to that deep, intuitive inner voice began to manifest itself more insistently in my late forties. It has continued to grow stronger and is of primary interest to me now.

Yet, I am still becoming. In this most beautiful of life stages, freed from so many of the demands and stresses of producing, providing, and proving, I can pay attention to the becoming of an elder. For that is the role I now approach. And I approach this becoming for the first time ever with full awareness that I am doing so. How incredible!

The subtle undercurrent influencing our being and becoming is the human need to belong. Perhaps stronger in me than most, I am acutely aware of how the need to belong has influenced – for good and for bad – how and what I am and have become. And this is the third quality in life that will inform this blog of mine.

I write this blog for me. But I also write it for my two wonderful children. It is one way to share what insights I have as they – you Megan and Patrick – go through being, becoming and belonging. Written with all my love for you both. Dad/Bill Steiner

ps. I love taking pictures and so use this blog as a way to sprinkle some of my favorite photos in. I don’t alter images. My point is to capture what this beautiful planet offers as is and what we, its humnan inhabitants, create that I find beautiful. Cheers!

Darrow Wilderness Camp - Maine

Darrow Wilderness Camp – Maine

Maine Sunset

Maine Sunset





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  1. Beth says:

    You, my friend , are an amazing writer as well as an amazing person!


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