Not Becoming, but Exposing

It has been a long, slow , contemplative read of Donna Farhi’s “Bringing Yoga to Life” and I’m not done with it yet. It has been absolutely delightful.

Today I was reading through some of the notes I have taken when I was struck by a realization, one of those wonderful lightning strikes of a revelation life periodically brings us. Throughout the book Farhi says, in one form or another, “Yoga is about cultivating a relationship with our enduring Self.” In other words, the practice of yoga is, at its core, about discovering our Divine self. And what she says repeatedly, and what I believe, is that we are Divine from the get-go. It is our natural state. A state we have obscured with all the ways we learn or are led to define “who” we are.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd it hit me. This beautiful stage of life I’m in and enjoying so much is not about becoming. It is simply about exposing who I already am. It is about peeling away the layers applied by me, society, my family, and culture over all the years of my life. Exposing versus becoming doesn’t make it easier, but it is there already. And, at times, I feel it or sense it or am somehow aware of it. It’s one reason I think I am so enjoying where I am. I guess you could say this is simply all about Being.

Really, this is not about yoga. Yoga happens to be the way I find particularly useful and comforting for exploring all of this. Farhi makes it clear that there are innumerable ways that we do it:

“While yoga offers us a vast repertoire of formal practices that accommodate the different predilections of individuals, almost any activity can be used as a life practice if it reconnects us with the source of our aliveness. There is no comprehending the wily ways of the daimon, who lures us to paint, to sing, to dance, compose music, build sanctuaries, plant gardens, raise children, write poetry, climb mountains, and do all the other things humans do to discover themselves in life. All such activities can be called a form of yoga.”

This is our journey. It is particularly gratifying to be where I am and to be making progress in the exposing of me!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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