Being Disconnected

I’ve been completely without phone or Internet for 24 hours. That’s not entirely true as I’ve used Kristi’s tablet to do what had to be done via email. But my phone just stopped working and my tablet, for the second time on this trip also stopped connecting. So no news, Instagram, Facebook, email, texts.

And it has been eye opening and a blessing. This morning and last night (not to mention just being on the street yesterday), blessed with a rooftop terrace in our apartment, I’ve rediscovered just how interesting the world is outside of these screens of ours.

I’m watching a guy and his helper installing new water tanks on an adjacent roof. One guy on top putting cement down out of a bucket. Handing the empty bucket to his helper on a ladder who goes down for another bucket. Takes time. So the guy on the roof smokes a cigarette and admires the view. Then the plastic 4 foot square cubes for the water hauled up with a rope and stick that fit inside the round opening of the container. We won’t be here to see the entire setup and hookup. But this is every bit as interesting as my screen.

And I discovered that all these tiles on the rooftops aren’t cemented down. First course is, but the rest are just laid on top. Guess they are heavy enough to withstand strong winds. And perhaps it’s why some have stones on top, presumably to help hold them down.

Then there’s the lady hanging her laundry on her rooftop. The woman opening her door onto her patio to get some morning air. Scoping out the roads in the distance that we’ll be driving on in a couple of hours. Looking at the sea and coast to which we’re heading. Watching the light play across the buildings as the sun moves higher in the sky.

There’s a lot going on. It’s entertaining. And it’s quite peaceful. Can I take the lesson and be less connected once I’m connected again?

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