Marsala Archeological Museum

This museum is a gem and probably the best thing we saw in Marsala. It has two parts: an outdoor archeology site with ruins and some wonderful mosaics from a Roman villa circa 300 A.D., and an inside museum housed in an old wine factory with remains from the Carthaginian era – here were talking 300 B.C. The museum, a city owned and run property, is beautifully interpreted.

Here, images from the outdoor piece.

The entry to the outdoor sure is lovely.

Above a rendering of the Carthaginian city.

And the city in 500 A.D.

How the streets were built by the Romans.

And the street today, so perfect. It has been paved over, serving as a perfect base for a modern road. It tapers to the sides with drains to take water away.

Later a church was built over the road and people buried – crypt seen here.

How mosaic was laid.

Some of what remains.

Four different cats attacking four different types of deer. Detail below.

This is the remains of a hot bath. A floor covered the little columns and hot water ran under the floor. The walls were also heated with hot air that flowed behind them! Image below with bath to upper right and picture of the cats/deer in the center.

A lovely asymmetrical piece with detail below.

Water from roofs was collected into cisterns

And how it looks today

Just wonderful!

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