The Magic of the Different

One of the reasons I love travel is because you see things you don’t with places that are familiar. All the senses are engaged bringing you alive. You are fully present, in the moment, totally here. It’s wonderful.

We’ve been coming to Orvieto for over 15 years so it is more of a challenge here. I’ve spent probably over 2 years here. Still, it is a beautifully textured and nuanced place. I more easily see and am fully here.

I’ve always had problems capturing this bell tower. Today it seems right

This morning we had sun for just the second time in the week we’ve been here, which is very unusual. Usually it is the occasional rain interrupting the spectacular sun and blue sky. So it was a delight to be out in the bright light. Everything was popping. Here’s what I saw.

Stunning cathedral but I also love the light reflecting off the building on the left to the building on the right

The cathedral stripes, a typically Tuscan detail tho we are in Umbria. Moorish influence

Warm, inviting, sometimes mysterious streets

Framed by the arch with blue sky and white clouds. Delightful


Details and that little splash of red

Shadows, iron work

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