Belonging to a Landscape

Can you belong to a landscape as opposed to belonging in a landscape? It’s a silly question really. But here we are in Orvieto on cloudy days looking at the Umbrian “green heart of Italy” which is stunning. You can see why it is called this, particularly this time of year.

A rare bit of sun this trip

I think you can certainly belong in a landscape. It might be the one in which you grew up or the one in which you have decided to live. Either through history or choice you belong in a place.

But belonging to a landscape implies that it claims you. I don’t think places claim people. Would you be missed if you were absent? Certainly by the people, but not by the place. Unless, perhaps, if you were instrumental in the creation or design of a landscape – say a Frederick Law Olmsted. But even he, with New York Central Park for instance that he designed, you couldn’t say belonged to it anymore.

Yes, silly. But it was a question that came to mind enjoying this beautiful spring in Umbria. Anyway, an excuse to share some photos.

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