Uncovering Your Soul

We’ve just finished our last art/culture trip. We’ve sold the business after 15 years. The last 13 of the 15 we married a variety of art courses to the inspiration of Italian life. It has been transformative.

When we began we knew only that the way Italians lived and the intimacy and beauty of Orvieto’s streets, piazzas and buildings touched a cord in us. Over time we discovered that this pairing of art and place reconnected people to their souls. It has been beautiful. Humbling. Evocative. Renewing. Affirming. Yes, transformative.

Changing times and particularly the way technology erodes the ability to be in the moment have had an impact. But even through this very last trip art, Orvieto, and staying in one place absorbing for a week resulted in many people recounting to us how life changing the experience was.

It is a struggle for people to stay connected to their souls, to that inner compass always there to guide us, to stay true to who we individually are. What we have been so privileged to witness is how a week here with us in Orvieto reconnects people to themselves. We have received countless letters, postcards and emails telling us how the trip was a blessing, a milestone, a life changer. It’s not us. It’s this place and way of fulling engaging life, interpreted through a creative medium that opens eyes to truly see.

It touched Kristi and me early. Four years in we returned to the U.S. and knew we had to make a change. After four years of biannual visits where we were deeply connected to people and life we could no longer live an anonymous, American, suburban life. We began the search. Two years later our house went on the market and we moved to to a connected, soulful, rich life in a small town.

We are lucky. The people who traveled with us are lucky. We’ve all found – or more accurately – uncovered our soul – for it has always been there waiting patiently. For this we have Orvieto, her people, her way of life, and the creative pursuits that helped see it better to thank. There is no way to adequately say thank you. The many soulful lives growing out of the experiences here however, bear testimony to what a great gift this place has given.

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4 Responses to Uncovering Your Soul

  1. Sue Young says:

    Bill and Kristi, I only had one week with you and Jill Berry in beautiful Orvieto. It was a truly wonderful week. I remember kind of dreading the cooking lesson, since I am not fond of cooking… but it was the best time EVER! The beauty of Palazzone vineyards was one of my favorite things as well. Just being there is a gift. Grazie Mille and best wishes for the future!


    • bsteiner says:

      So good to hear from you Sue! Lorenzo is still doing his riotous cooking classes if you want another one! Best wishes to you too. Kristi and Bill


  2. Beth Ekblad says:

    Bill and Kristi, I just wanted to let you know that the two of you have changed the trajectory of my life and I am forever grateful. In 2010 I took a class with Misty Mawn painting faces. I’d never painted before so I really had no business going to that class. For some reason I put all my doubts aside and just did it. It quite literally changed my life. It ignited both a passion for painting and for Italy that has fueled me ever since. I’ve been to Italy many times since then and I fall deeper in love every time I go. I also paint every chance I get, started teaching classes and am actually starting to offer painting workshops myself in Italy. Truly a dream come true!! I’ve wanted to be you “when I grew up” ever since I met you and saw what you were doing in Italy. How did this happen?? I was an accountant having a perfectly ordinary life until I dared to join you on one of your adventures. Now everything has changed. Because of you I feel I’m finally living my authentic life. Thank you so much for daring to follow your own dreams all those years ago. I hope you realize how you’ve impacted the hopes and dreams of everyone who has been blessed to join you. I, for one, can never repay you. Thank you from the deepest spaces of my heart. Best of luck to you both in whatever the future may hold for you.


    • bsteiner says:

      Wow Beth! It is so good to hear from you and the amazing way your life has unfolded. We understand your many visits and falling more and more in love with this country. We have visited many places from North to South and simply love every one. And we have much more yet to see! So excited that you have transformed from new art student in Italy to teacher of art in Italy. Thank you for sharing and best wishes. Abbracci. Kristi and Bill


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