Generational Horizons

A few years ago OnBeing interviewed two of its regular contributors – Parker Palmer and Courtney Martin. At the time Palmer was in his 70’s, Courtney 35 – 40 years younger. Palmer said something interesting. He said the younger generation could see farther over the horizon because of their vantage point. And that it was important for the generations to talk with each other because what they can see, and we can’t, is coming our way. They help us.

I think this is one reason I do love interacting with younger generations. Not only do they have a really good take on the world and its possibilities, they see and accept what is coming more than we.

Molas Pass, San Juan County, Colorado

I’ve just finished 6 private lessons with my yoga teacher who is 40 years my junior and a full 10 years younger than my eldest child. Here is this woman of immense wisdom helping me as I delve into meditation and the broader aspects of yoga. She is stewarding her time infinitely better than my generation ever did. Now she is talking to me about doing her teaching, counseling, and guiding online, with downloadable lessons and online classes. Yes, this is being done a lot these days. But this would be a first for me. She is looking over the horizon I can not see, bringing it to me.

I have to say, however, that I can see over the horizon in the other direction, which she cannot see. And, there is a bit of wisdom to be gained looking over that horizon. Some of the young people I have the joy of interacting with are interested in my side of the horizon. We aren’t going back there, but there are some things to take away that will be of value for those looking over the horizons I can’t see!

Drum Tower, Weishan, China

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