I love new perspectives. So often they are such a surprise and a wonderfully new way of seeing the world. Here’s one I just read on words and sound in Looking at Mindfulness by Christophe Andre.

As soon as we produce words, we tend to leave the experience of our senses behind. We are no longer in the world of sound; we have left it for our mental world. . . . As with all our mind’s automatic reflexes, it is important to realize what’s happening inside us. It is important too to make a regular effort to free ourselves of these reflexes, and to return to listening to life neutrally and receptively: Listening with mindfulness, which sometimes gives us access to something unheard-of. Something we have never heard, because we were never really listening. . . .

Southwest Harbor, Maine

It is so true that when we hear a sound our mind goes into action. Occasionally, say when we are at the ocean or beside a stream listening to waves and running water, we are drawn into reverie out of thinking. Typically, however, a sound generates mental activity. What a novel idea to just listen and hear without reaction of any kind, without interpreting, without judging whether we like it or not, just hearing it.

And to have the prospect that we will hear something we’ve never heard before! Love it.

Buonconvento in Tuscany, Italy


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