Retiring into Deeply Living

We have recently announced that we are selling our business leading trips to Italy. This has been brewing for several years as the call for something different began to become more insistent for both of us. While we both have ideas of what we want to do, for me at least, the future is a wonderfully blank slate. I want to go deeper into what it is to be alive, but am blissfully unconcerned about what that will mean. I have reached a point where I am perfectly comfortable to

Trust Life

Lee County, South Carolina

I just finished reading “Sailing Home: Using the Wisdom of the Odyssey to Navigate Life’s Perils and Pitfalls“. It has been an enjoyable read. Near the end he wrote this about people today who are retiring:

“. . . rather than a retirement, they want to make an advancement into life. This new life is not a life of outward journeying, but rather a last, poignant search for the place beyond all journeying: a place where an oar is no longer used for strenuous paddling but instead for winnowing – separating the wheat from the chaff. In that place you plant your oar rather than row with it, and you make sacrifices of gratitude to the gods for all that you’ve been given in your lifetime. (This imagery drawn from the Odyssey.) And you continue to live out that settled appreciation giving what gifts you have to give, until life’s thread is completely unwound, and the story of your journey on the stormy sea is at last complete.”

Storm clouds looking west from Orvieto, Italy

Beautiful I think. I am enormously grateful for my life and all the incredible gifts I have received on so many different levels. It is so humbling to step back and realize all that I have been given. And I know I want to give what gifts I have. It is more than a return on what I’ve been given. I simply feel called to do it – to give what I have. There is this incredible richness to life right now. Truly, I am blessed.

Palazzone Vineyard outside Orvieto, Italy

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