Canberra, Garden City

The national capital of Australia seems not to be the most popular of cities with the natives. Yet I quite like it. It is a planned city with wide streets, boulevards, lots of green. It is mostly modern and new. Things are spread out, it requires a lot of walking to get from place to place, but the walks are pretty. Food, even though we’ve only had three meals so far, has been spectacular. In a way it reminds me of Hilton Head Island. Both are planned, green, well maintained. But where HHI is bland, Canberra has great variety and interest. Lots of public art. I just like it!

The above three pics are the hotel we are in called HotelHotel. Wood everywhere, all natural, wood and green and glass and modern on the outside. Love it.
Public art everywhere.

This approach to Parliament is artfull

Plaza in front of Parliament

Garden like.

Baby pine cones!

Modern architecture.

With the wealth of museums here, the great food, architecture and garden like character, I think this is a city well worth visiting. Hoping the weather cooperates tomorrow so we can visit the botanical garden.

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