Windy Welly Waterfront

Wellington is known as windy Welly – and it has been! It has a beautiful waterfront complete with working places, restaurants, and wonderful public spaces full of art. Just a lot of fun.

City hall, the library, and a museum are the backdrop for diverse waterfront art and architecture.

Dragon boat

A little bit of old

Te Papa is a stunning waterfront museum. Six floors​ of exhibits. One floor is devoted to the Maori – an amazing story. There is an exhibit covering Gallipoli, the disastrous WWI British campaign against the Ottomans in the Baltic. New Zealand and Australian soldiers had a big role in the struggle. I’ve read a book on Gallpoli, so was interested to see this.

Te Papa – Museum of New Zealand

The exhibit had several sculptures that were​ three times life size. The last showed a soldier walking into a forest. There were paper poppies on which you could write a message and place it at the soldier’s feet. The poppy is a symbol of life, death, and remembrance – particularly for UK folks. The soldier stood in a pool of poppies. So, so moving.

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1 Response to Windy Welly Waterfront

  1. Cool photos! It’s fun seeing the waterfront through another lens. Wellington is indeed windy, you just kinda end up getting used to it when you live here 😂


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