Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience

Kristi’s dad passed away a couple of hours ago. It has been over a month in coming. First an unexpected turn, then a troubling evolution, to a definite possibility, to an inevitability. So, we have been prepared.

Early this morning Kristi wondered where her unconscious dad’s spirit was. It brought to mind something I had read only yesterday – the notion that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. I, in fact, have faith that this is indeed the case. (I also recently saw the suggestion that having faith in something is entirely different than having a belief in something, bringing with it a different way of being. I concur.)


One of the landscapes Perry treasured

So her dad is fine. He had a wonderful life, rich and full of all we humans get to enjoy and struggle through and overcome and appreciate and surrender to and accept. It is beautiful. But now he has given up that experience to return to his spiritual self.

Death, hard as it is for us, is a powerful thing. It can lead us to appreciate all we are privileged to experience during our lives. It leads us to be introspective, to ponder what we have a hard time grasping, to wrestle with the unknown.  And I think it is what helps us be in touch with our spiritual selves, that inner river always running through us.

We will miss Perry. We have been blessed by his being with us for so many years lending his beautiful spirit to our daily lives. Hard to say good bye without tears. Hard, too, to say goodbye without a smile as well.


The landscapes he taught us to love


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1 Response to Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience

  1. martha says:

    Stunning pictures and a wonderful reminder of what we need to cherish each day.


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