“There’s a voice in the brain that uses no words. Listen.” Rumi

I have long felt this voice in the brain. I also call it an inner river. It is always flowing, carrying along the essence of me. Sometimes it is buried. But for me, that inner river or voice has always been close to the surface. I am thankful for that.

Recognizing it, paying attention to it, calling it forth is another thing. Luckily, it has generally asserted itself. And I have listened. It has spoken when I was in the wrong job, virtually the day I started with one particular job. Momentum and practicality have dictated that I keep on in the wrong job. But never for long. I simply couldn’t do it. I listened to that wordless voice in my brain

No doubt this has created stress, particularly for my family. It led to more moves than I would have liked. Yet, in the longest run, staying in a wrong position would have stressed the family more. I simply can not imagine how the legions of people out there who stay in a terrible job, or one for which they have no passion – how they mange to keep doing it. It often leads to fatigue and sickness. Indeed, as David Whyte said in his beautiful book on work, “The Heart Aroused”, the answer for fatigue is not rest. It is wholeheartedness. You can’t be wholehearted if you are ignoring your inner voice.

How often have you ignored your inner voice?

Palazzone vineyard - Orvieto, Italy

Nature connects us to our inner voice

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